Article published the July 27, 2018
Introduction The metabolic cages are used to study the metabolism of feeds in the animal. Metabolic trials are conducted to collect the feces, urine and feeds residue using precisely for analysis nutrients intake, digestibility, nitrogen and mineral balance. It is generally conducted in confined shed/shelter with underground place for urine collection. It is observed that due to movement of anima ...
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Article published the October 29, 2014
INTRODUCTION In ruminant animals, rumen microbes utilize different fractions of protein, non-fiber carbohydrate and structural carbohydrate (CHO) at different rates. When rate of protein degradation exceeds the rate of CHO fermentation, large quantity of N is lost as NH3. On the other hand, when rate of CHO fermentation exceeds protein degradation rate, there is inefficient microbial protein prod ...
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September 3, 2014
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