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More than 85-90% of the forage’s fiber could be degraded in a well working rumen. The forage fiber characteristics represent the key point to improve feed efficiency, considering their effects on diet digestibility, dry matter intake and ruminal fermentation pattern control. The fiber “entity” The original neutral detergent fiber (NDF) determination changed during the time; u ...
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NO COMPROMISE - NO GREY AREA. Whether in its formulation, purity, bioavailability, reliability, stability, safety or benefits, Selisseo® never compromises to achieve excellence. Make a definitive choice on selenium supplementation for your herd, choose Selisseo® for no compromise on performance!
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Luiz Ferraretto (University of Florida) explained the importance of fiber and starch digestibility among other topics, during AMENA 2019 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
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Introduction The metabolic cages are used to study the metabolism of feeds in the animal. Metabolic trials are conducted to collect the feces, urine and feeds residue using precisely for analysis nutrients intake, digestibility, nitrogen and mineral balance. It is generally conducted in confined shed/shelter with underground place for urine collection. It is observed that due to movement of anima ...
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The protein in alfalfa silage is subject to extensive degradation to non protein nitrogen (NPN) in the silo. Furthermore, the NPN in alfalfa silage is rapidly degraded to ammonia in the rumen and, if not captured as microbial protein, will end up largely as urea-N excreted in the urine. Milk production and milk nitrogen (N) efficiency have improving potential through amino acid balancing. Milk-N p ...
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