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BSc Hons MSc PhD
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#Enzymes in poultry nutrition
Article published the June 4, 2021
1. IntroductionCarotenoids are natural pigments which are responsible for yellow to red colour observed in plants and vegetables (Mortensen, 2006). Carotenoids are important for its various roles in human and animals, these include immune functions, decrease in the risk of disease and antioxidant function (Johnson, 2002; Rao & Honglei, 2002; Hinds et al., 1997). There are over 700 carotenoids ...
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Article published the April 9, 2021
Description of ProblemThe demand for livestock products is increasing due to growing human population (1). Poultry products particularly broiler meat has a great potential to meet this demand due to its low feed conversion ratio (FCR) and short rearing period.Maize remains an integral component of broiler chickens feed and its inclusion in normal diets could be as high as 60% (2). The availability ...
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Yes, i am waiting for your questions and dicussion on the present discourse
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Dr.OGUNWOLE, OLUGBENGA Yes, it is, but there is another explanation. Methionine is not direct detoxicant. But (similar to betaine) it plays important function in liver methylation cycle and protect liver cells against osmotic stress. Thus, it protect liver hepatocytes and makes better methabolic condition for hepatocytes cytochrome-P 450. So, direct detoxication enzyme is P-450 oxidase, and dire ...
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Dr Valeriy Kryukov This is a profound contribution which served to reverberate the cardinal roles of methionine in detoxification of toxins in vivo. I only want to add that the sentence be modified to indicate that cytochrome P-450 is one of the veritable means of such metabolism of foreign compounds except perhaps there are no alternative metabolic paths. This contribution is an apt contribution ...
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You cannot separate the salesman from the products. In Nigeria, i will rather ask buyers to patronize only reputable companies and personalities for quality products. The most potent and proven products as well as the enviable brands/companies are faked up or their products adulterated for every reasons known to criminals in the industry. Every comer concept, particularly in the face of limited re ...
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In Nigeria here, we have successfully fed breeding, broiler and laying chickens with the processed leaf. Particularly, the leaf meal have been the partial or the main source of vitamin-mineral for the stocks. Leaf meal as sources of protein and fibre for pigs and poultry have been achieved too. You are free to explore our modest contributions here in Ibadan Varsity and other institutions here in N ...
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