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Master in Veterinary science - Microbiology
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Master in Veterinary science - Microbiology
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Infectious Bronchitis has been always a big challenge in prevention and control the disease. The intensive farming tech. has added and increased the bio burden to a level that almost every flock gets exposed to it. The early exposure to immunosuppressive agents adds to increase the severity of the disease. The problem has also been observed all over the world including US, which has more severity ...
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The IBD-Gumboro disease is a very important disease in the life span of poultry and is an economically important disease. The morbidity and mortality are very high. Along with a good and judicious poultry management and biosecurity, vaccination of the bird and selection of proper vaccine strain is very important in control of the disease. The use of advanced technology is very helpful in determini ...
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Live freeze dried vaccines should be stored and transported at 2-8 degree centigrade. For killed vaccine also the recommended storage is at 2-8 degree centigrade. But killed vaccines should not be frozen as there is chance of separation of blend. Storage in frozen condition is only recomonded when ther is not sureity about the maintenance of temperature; as in case with most of the household refri ...
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In the present scenario ; where poultry population is highly exposed to different kind of diseases and vaccines to prevent the same. It is putting the poultry under lot of stress. In the same a proper assesment of situations and best vaccinations should be followed. The use of vector vaccines (using HVT) has shown promising results. Also Immune Complex vaccine is also will be future vaccine. The ...
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Dear Borbe, It is advisable to use all vaccine open at a time within specified period ( Recommended by Manufacturer ). But technically speaking if handled ascetically to avoid the contamination with external pathogens like Bacteria, fungi , molds. But in fied condition it is practically Impossible to have that much care. so it is always not recommended to Keep it after opening the Bottles.
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