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Learn from Valentin Nenov, Global Species Manager Ruminants at Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care, how after the drought of 2018, Phileo can help you to get the maximum from the diet using Actisaf® in cows, during Eurotier 2018
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Dear Dr. Nenov, greetings from Sofia! It was my great pleasure to see the video with you! I know an Actisaf as a feed additive and source of viable cells of a strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae which has sure potential to be efficacious in weaned piglets and sows. But, up to now, no or insufficient evidence was provided to conclude on the efficacy of the additive in dairy cows and cattle for fattenin ...
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For the most part, most dairies include at least some supplemental or additive products in their feeding programs. We build diets starting with the forage base, using the best forages we can, and then add different feed and grain components to provide protein and energy. Once the main nutrients are provided, it is then common to “fill in the holes” of the nutrient profile. Next, we of ...
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Feeding fat and fat products to dairy cows is common on most, if not all, dairies. Understanding how to properly feed fats and fat products is another story and seems to change daily. This is especially true as we work to understand the roles various fat components (fatty acids) play in the animal in terms of production (volume and components), health and reproduction. And while it may not be ne ...
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On any given day, the typical dairyman loses count of the challenges he deals with. From labor to mechanical issues, to sick or downed cows and paying the feed bill, the list goes on, seemingly forever. One frequent challenge accounting for much of the drain on overall farm performance and profitability is lack of consistency. Consistency issues are pervasive throughout the typical dairy operatio ...
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Ruminant nutrition is highly sophisticated. Immense research and application efforts have culminated in great successes. Today, we can satisfy with a relative high precision the nutritional needs of high producing dairy cows. Highly efficient genetic selection and improvement in overall management has resulted in a national average of ca. 10,000 kg of milk per year in USA. The 2012 USDA annual rep ...
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Am a dairy farmer in Kenya -That is in Africa. The constraints of good fodder production the world over is under threat by among other things climate change and diminishing land sizes.Its hard to avoid the temptation of being the super farmer with a river of white gold.But I think we have done well in improving the breeds without a similar effort the other end to improve on fodder quality and farm ...
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The most interesting take-home feeling I gathered from these comments, is the role that health and well-being of the cows play for most of the participants.It is important to realize that dairying in those countries where it is a major industry; explotedit is a business and as such, is driven by profits. Cows are bred to be pushed and make milk, regardless of their own wellbeing, the expected life ...
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Introduction Sustainability of dairy farm production systems can be measured by the intersection between profitability and environmental stewardship. It is clear that unprofitable farms are destined to go out of business. Similarly, although not as evident, farms that are not efficient in the use of input resources, having higher wastages, and consequently producing more emissions, are likely to ...
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Hi Ray, Many thanks for a comprehensive and yet well thought management information. I wonder if you could comment on critical aspects of nutrition and their impact on reproductive efficiency and health particularly in the transition period.
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