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Expert in Litter and water quality management. I have over 25 years of hands on experience in poultry litter and water quality. Teach producers how to maximize the benefits of litter management.
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Ganesh Kumar Dahal my name is Blake Gibson. I am the Senior Manager for Jones-Hamilton Co. Agricultural Division - makers of PLT- litter treatment here in the US. How can I help you. Thanks Blake Gibson
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Akanmu Ismail No ! Please try out to find a product named PLT powder (A product of Jones-Hamilton Agriculture Co.Ohio USA).If not then write to me for formulation @ dahalgk@gmail.comThanks & regards,G.K.Dahal
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The use of PLT- Litter Treatment is a great product to consider to lowering the pH safely to levels that provide an environment that is hostile to most challenging bacteria. It is environmentally friendly and is widely used as the product of choice for ammonia control. It can be used at anytime during the growout process on any poultry. It has been used, proved and tested for over 20 years. Find ...
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May 14, 2013
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