Janet Tsai
Janet Tsai
Yilan, Taiwan

Toxi-Free® PLUS: mycotoxins degrading enzymes for animal feed

Toxi-Free® PLUS

ISO 22000  ISO 14001  ISO 17025

Are you looking for enzymatic mycotoxins solution? 

Toxi-Free® PLUS is the latest mycotoxin solution composed of specific mycotoxins degrading enzymes produced from gene expression. It aims to efficiently degrade the potent and inevitable mycotoxins and spare the toxicity within feed stuff.

Scientifically, Toxi-Free® PLUS is proven to spare the toxicity of deoxynivalenol and zearalenone in piglets (Y.H Cheng et. al. 2006). It is also proven to protect oosperm of sows from F-2 toxic. 

Through many real farm trials, Toxi-Free® PLUS is found to increase the alive piglets per birth, and increase the successful mating rate in sows. Due to the noticeable effects and reasonable price, we have served livestock animals in Taiwan and China for several years. We would like to provide our service and knowledge to the world now. 

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