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Jenny Yu
Jenny Yu
Yilan, Taiwan

Toxi-Free® PLUS: mycotoxins degrading enzymes for animal feed

Toxi-Free® PLUS

• Formulated mycotoxin degrading enzymes, mycotoxin adsorbents, and plant extract

 Provides a full protection by reducing the overall toxic pressure from both polar and non-polar mycotoxin. 

The intestinal barrier leaking caused by mycotoxins.

▼ Toxi-Free® PLUS is a combination of 3 types of mycotoxin degrading enzymes


Toxi-Free® PLUS can:

 Increase the alive piglets per birth

 Improve the successful mating rate in sows

 Increase the production rate of broilers and the egg production rate of layer.


Toxi Free PLUS is granted the US and China Patent.

 Toxi-Free PLUS has been certified to be in compliance with the Halal requirement.


Toxi-Free® PLUS