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Gano-met® is formulated to alleviate with stress coming from fast-grow and to lay many eggs and daily-egg laying on poultry. Gano-met® is a natural liquid immune-enhancer containing Ganoderma
ISO 22000  ISO 14001  ISO 17025 Are you looking for enzymatic mycotoxins solution?  Toxi-Free® PLUS is the latest mycotoxin solution composed of specific mycotoxins degrading enzy
ISO 22000  ISO 14001  ISO 17025 Cordyceps used to be a very precious and expensive herbal medicine to treat diseases for human.  Life Rainbow Biotech has developed a method to ferment
Muco-defen® is formulated with a goal to replace antibiotics used as growth promoter in feed. Two species from Bacillus sp. (Subtilis FMN-68, Licheniformis FMN-151) were fermented under patent tec
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