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Forum: The Role of Trace Minerals in Foot Health

Published on: 04/20/2011
Author/s : T. L. Ward, Ph.D., D. J. Tomlinson, Ph.D., M. T. Socha, Ph.D., J. M. DeFrain, Ph.D. and C. J. Rapp, Ph.D. (Zinpro)
IntroductionAn area of nutrition that is commonly overlooked in foot health managment is the role trace minerals play in improving claw health, structural integrity and reducing incidence of lameness. Trace minerals are important to production and maintenance of healthy keratinized tissues (Mulling et al., 1999). Increasing the bioavailability of trace minerals improves their u...
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April 20, 2011

good article
apart from the mineral, there is extensive research regarding the role of biotin in the prevention and relief of lameness

April 20, 2011
Very good article highlighting the impact of minerals/trace elements in animal diet as normally dairy producer focus his attention on major feed constituents while formulating animal diet. This article gives in detail the importance of such trace elements which are of paramount important in keeping their animals healthy and productive
Dr.P.George Kunju John Dr.P.George Kunju John
Feed Consultant
April 21, 2011

The article high lights once again the pivotel role of micronutrients in the total health of a diary cow. Since each trace mineral is inter related with the meatabolism a feed nutritionist should carefully formulate the ration. The affection of foot is resulted owing to various reasons like inconsistant pH of rumen, inefficient protein metabolism, mineral defeciency and micronutrients interractions. The article insists the scientists to examine the micronutrient metabolism with more attention

M Subhan Qureshi M Subhan Qureshi
Professor and Dean FAHVS, University of Agriculture, Peshawar-25120, Pakistan; Chief Organizer, Dairy Science Park
April 21, 2011
It is a nice information on relationship of mineral nutrition to animal foot health. I have observed during my stay at Semen Production Unit Surezai, Peshawar, Pakistan that the exotic bulls were frequently attached by foot rot. Trace minerals may have been a reason for this disease. The animals placed on dry muddy floor performed well while those on cemented floor with poor hygienic conditions suffered a lot. One factor predisposing these animals to the disease, is the lack of exercise. Rapid growth of the hooves, with little care for teaming is another predisposing cause.
Samir Mousa Samir Mousa
Animal Nutritionist
May 18, 2011

Prof. Dr. Terry Ward
Thank you very much for advice us for putting this topic
{The Role of Trace Minerals in Foot Health}
During ration formulation for livestock to ensure that we control any nutritional deficiency diseases affecting feet.
Yes prof. we put that in our mind when formulating ration specially for racing horses or camel but we not care in cattle and sheep.
Thank you again
Best regards

Samir Mousa

May 28, 2011
beautiful article and of great use ...
July 14, 2018
Role of zinc sulphate in milk production of dairy animals.
Viswanatha Reddy V N Viswanatha Reddy V N
Veterinary Doctor
July 28, 2018

For soft hooves in homeopathy Acid nitricumn 200, 20 size pills 20 pills twice a day and Sulphur 200, 20 size pills 20 pills once a day continuously for 7 days in 2 cows has given total recovery

Soft hooves can happen due to chronic subclinical acidosis but above 2 animals not belonged to that type.

September 13, 2020
Actually i wanted to know the content of trace element to be included in regular diet which can keep the heifers in good health
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