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Published on: 03/09/2011
Author/s : Dr. Willie Smith (Animalia PTY Ltd.), Dr Lourens Havenga (Multimin USA)
INTRODUCTIONA healthy dairy cow delivering a healthy calf these days is the result of top management on a dairy farm. Very few people understand the huge challenge and complexity of achieving optimum reproduction efficiency in a high producing dairy herd.Firstly, the dairy cows of 2002 are genetically geared for high levels of milk production. Secondly, the heritability of reproduction efficiency ...
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March 9, 2011

thank you for a very good article about the Reproductive Efficiency in the Dairy Herd. As rightly said reproduction efficiency is not a heritable trait but an environmental character in the form of better nutrition&good management practices. The role of supplementation of trace minerals have been duly emphasized.
The important aspects like giving good quality of roughages(green or silage) in sufficient quantity is also pre-requisite for better reproductive efficiency.

Philippe Gossart Philippe Gossart
March 10, 2011

Yes ,the body score level is a basic aspect for fertility in Dairy Herd. I agree with you.
The trace éléments… why not…
But you seem to forget the essential : the level of blood insuline, the key of the ovary feeding & maturity.
No good fertility without good feeding/glucose ovary…
No good fertility without good mature ovary…QED… quod erat demonstrandum…
I will be pleased to explain the physiological mecanism with datas.

March 10, 2011

A very impressive article about the Reproductive Efficiency in the Dairy Herd full of wisdom based on practical experiences.

March 11, 2011

It is very comprehesive article article about the Reproductive Efficiency in the Dairy Herd which guides the farm managers/ nutritionists to get optimal results.keep it up.

M Subhan Qureshi M Subhan Qureshi
Professor and Dean FAHVS, University of Agriculture, Peshawar-25120, Pakistan; Chief Organizer, Dairy Science Park
March 12, 2011

The paper "Reproduction Efficiency in the Dairy Herd" posted by W Smith is interesting and informative, giving practical tips for keeping the fertilty status of dairy cows at an optimum level. In fact the genetic improvement support milk yield which in turn drains most of the nutritents from the circulatory system for milk synthesis, sparing little for maintaining reproductive activities.

In regions like Pakistan, the situation is even worse, to prevalence of seasonal stress, malnutrition and disease occurence. Here the dairy cows produced through crossbreeding of local ones with exotic semen like HF and Jersey, face the loss of local genese, deceasing thier resistance to harsh environment. This is coupled with the improvement in milk yield in the presence of under nutrition, which lead to severe health and fertilty problems. We have seen here the prolonged estrus duration, remaining sometimes for up to 72+ hours. We are working on these problems through postgraduate thesis research.

Anil Frank Anil Frank
March 26, 2011

Very good article about the Reproductive Efficiency in the Dairy Herd. Can you inform me the salts of zinc , manganese ,copper, selenium to be injected subcut and where to give the injection. Also the dose per day and for how many days before and after as mentioned by you.

Ali Imran Ali Imran
Animal Nutritionist
April 20, 2011

A good article about the Reproductive Efficiency in the Dairy Herd, and I agree with Dr. Subhan views. In our country small farmers and even big grower in villages are not fully aware of the importance of mineral nutrition . Only ca source is provided before and after calving while for calves and heifers very little or sometimes no mineral supplementation is provided.
With the advancement in dairy business progressive farmers are entering in dairy business but still they are lacking of information. Any farmer viewing such paper can get knowledge about the importance of mineral nutrition. so i think this a good paper for those which are the part of Pakistan Dairy industry.

Dr.P.George Kunju John Dr.P.George Kunju John
Feed Consultant
April 20, 2011

The importance of micro nutrients and essential vitamins in Dairy Herd is an uncontested fact. In several dairy farms while making TMR these trace minerals and vitamines get seperated and lost from the cow's feeding. The injection would indeed ascertain the nutrients entering into the system.

There is a feed technology to cater these nutrients into cow's system. The production of Sweet licks with a proper formula that comprises all necessary trace minerlas, vitamines, probiotics along with energy feeds like sugar made into a hard block would ensure the ingestion because ruminats have a capacity to sense the nutrients and consume as and when required. This method of feeding would offset the defeciencies and would also ward of excess consumption as there is a biol rythemic control by cow itself. In my experience manufacturing such sweet animal licsk with fortified micro nutrients and keep in frot ocoe for its accessability would control the defeciecies and probablle reproductive problems.

Rajwali Khan Rajwali Khan
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
April 22, 2011

its an informative article about the Reproductive Efficiency in the Dairy Herd. To maximise reproductive efficiency we must pay special attention to inorgainic minerals in daily feeding and water intake

Larusson Larusson
Animal Nutritionist
April 26, 2011
Mr. Khan. Plaese send me the most relevant paper or work on the mineral therapy recommendations in your paper.
Thorarinn Larusson, nutritionist, Iceland.
Shaukat Khan Shaukat Khan
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
June 1, 2011
Really reproductive efficiency is a major factor in losing vary precious animals generally in developing countries and specially in Pakistan. Annually we lose very potential and productive animals due to this problem. There is a dire need for intervention otherwise we will not be able to satisfy our milk and meat need in Pakistan.
June 9, 2011

Dr. Smith makes some pretty nice points in this article about Dairy Herd. I know that it is not the eaisiest to make high reproduction efficiency happen on most of the herds today. However, I have been making progress in this area with herds around 27000 to 30000 RHA having calving intervals around that 13.0 to 13.5. I have been adding the trace minerals in the form of polysaccaride complexes in the feed olny at 100% inclusion for some time. I am interested in seeing the affects that could happen with the injection of these nutrients. I really enjoyed this artice.

July 14, 2011


Specialist in Animal Nutrition
July 17, 2011
Thats Interesting article,we can include 50% of organic minerals due to better bio availiblty & prices are almost matching with In organic to the end consumer.
Drmuhammad Shafique Drmuhammad Shafique
Veterinary Doctor
August 5, 2011
Sever summer, lack of mineral mixture and balance ration have adverse effect on the performance of the cross dairy cattle this also leads to very poor reproductive performance i.e,luteal and follicular cysts on the ovaries. This cystic condition of ovaries needs expertise to identify. this expertise lacked in the field because of this many valuable cross cattle goes the the slaughter house for slaughtering purposes.
October 16, 2011

Thank you so much for your article about the influence of mineral (trace elements ) on reproduction performance of dairy herd. As an extension officer (Specialist Agricultural Advisor in Animal Production ) the article will help me to help dairy farmers to feed their cows to improve their oestru cycle and prevent abortion which are the serious problems to most of our emerging farmers


Matshidiso Maine

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