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Forum: Kemin Presents Metal Propionate Technology at Scientist-Farmer Industry Interface Workshop

Published on: 11/01/2011
Source : Kemin Industries
Kemin presented the benefits of metal propionate technology at the Scientist-Farmer Industry Interface workshop held at the National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal.The workshop was an effective platform for Kemin to share knowledge about the metal propionate technology and closely interact with farmers and scientists on using the same for improving commercial dairy farming.Mr. Ind...
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November 1, 2011
Please inform how this technology helps to increase performance in dairy animals?
November 3, 2011
Dear Mr. Srivastava,
Thanks for going through Metal Propionate Technology. Metal propionates are aimed to maximize the bioavailability of mineral in the dairy animal body through superior bio-absorption. Due to better availability of minerals, dairy animals show better milk production, reproduction and immunity. Kemin has done significant research on this concept and published various papers. We would be happy to send you literature and related papers. Kindly send your corresponding address.
Dr. Deepak K Dubey
August 19, 2012
Dear Sir,
An informative metal propionate technology for optimum bioavailability of minerals during early lactation period i.e 90 days. Sir my query is ,in calving stage and thereafter animal go through the stress factor as involution of uterus(21days) ,and production and reproductn in 90days for better functioning necessary.when animals is in stress condition i.e high cortisol level affectg Rumen acid,immunity(thymus gland shrinkage) and infertility (imbalance in progesterone and estrogen level affectg ovulatn blockage),How mineral bioavalabilty can help in such cases for better optimum productn and reproductn.
Sujay Chougule.ASM,
Ayurvet ltd.Mumbai.
Dr. Deepak Kumar Dubey Dr. Deepak Kumar Dubey
Marketing Manager - Ruminants
August 20, 2012
Dear Mr. Sanjay,

Its indeed a very interesting question. The science of trace minerals is quite complex however I will try to share some important points related to your query. As you know that mineral bioabsorption and availability varies from one source to another and therefore, Metal Propionates are aimed to have superior bioabsorption. You will be happy to know that to overcome stress issue and also to reduce cortisol level in dairy animals, Chromium Propionate has been invented which is one and only safe source of supplemental Chromium. It is approved by USFDA. Kemin manufacture and market Chromium Propionate in the name of KemTRACE Chromium. Secondly, maximum bioavailable source of Mangnese i.e. Mangnese propionate (KemTRACE Mn) helps in the synthesis of Cholesterol which is a precursor of estrogen and progesteron. Thus, it ensures better reproduction in dairy animals. I hope, I have tried partly to cover answers of your query. However, I will be glad to share more on KemTRACE Minerals and its importance in better production, reproduction and immunity. Please send your corrosponding address, we will send you some interesting research papers and articles.
Thank you,
Dr. Deepak K Dubey, PhD (Dairy Nutrition)
Product Manager
August 20, 2012
Dear Sir,
Sir since metal propionate i.e chromium propionate has antioxidant property(free radical scavaging) else is it a immunomodulator ,pls upgrade for my information.


Sujay Chougule,
Area sales Manager,
Ayurvet ltd.
Email id-
Cell no-09657714601.
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