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News published on April 4, 2012
Kemin presented the concept of Total NutritionTM to poultry customers at the Paschim Banga Poultry Show held in Kolkata. The three key platforms of Total Nutrition are healthy, safe and efficient solutions. The practical application of these nutritional solutions helps boost production, reduce farming costs and thereby improve profitability in commercial farming.   Under the healthy soluti ...
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News published on March 22, 2012
To support the layer industry in addressing the key challenges affecting its profitability and maximizing economic returns throughout the life cycle of layer birds, Kemin has launched a program called Grow with KeminTM, which focuses on sharing technical knowledge with layer farmers. Grow with Kemin is a program, supported by the Kemin Total NutritionTM focus. Grow with Kemin is specifically desig ...
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News published on March 19, 2012
To cater to the growing need in the layer industry for an efficient and cost-effective organic mineral application, Kemin introduces KemTRACETM HP. KemTRACETM HP is a high performance, organic mineral formulation exclusively for on-top application along with inorganic minerals. KemTRACETM HP bridges the gap of mineral requirement and helps to boost the performance of layer birds.R Kannan, Kemin pr ...
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News published on February 6, 2012
Kemin inaugurated a new state-of-the-art lab facility in Ludhiana that will provide customized laboratory support to dairy and poultry farmers as well as feed millers in North India. The lab will assist farmers and feed millers in identifying the challenges related to animal health, feed and nutrition and offer customized nutritional solutions for sustainable dairy and poultry farming.    ...
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News published on December 12, 2011
Kemin celebrated World Egg Day with layer farmers in India to extend support to the Indian layer community. With a view to help layer farmers enhance awareness among end-consumers on the benefits of egg consumption, Kemin's technical team imparted scientific knowledge on the relevance and affordability of eggs as an important nutritional source. The celebrations also included a detailed sharing of ...
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Participation in Forum on November 3, 2011
Dear Mr. Srivastava, Thanks for going through Metal Propionate Technology. Metal propionates are aimed to maximize the bioavailability of mineral in the dairy animal body through superior bio-absorption. Due to better availability of minerals, dairy animals show better milk production, reproduction and immunity. Kemin has done significant research on this concept and published various papers. We ...
News published on October 25, 2011
Kemin presented the benefits of metal propionate technology at the Scientist-Farmer Industry Interface workshop held at the National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal.The workshop was an effective platform for Kemin to share knowledge about the metal propionate technology and closely interact with farmers and scientists on using the same for improving commercial dairy farming.Mr. Ind ...
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News published on August 29, 2011
With the aim of reaching out to the veterinary community and sharing the most updated technical knowledge on the latest nutritional solutions for poultry, dairy and aqua industries, Kemin Industries, Inc. participated in the educational exhibition organized by the Madras Veterinary College in Chennai. The exhibition was attended by sources of men and women from the veterinary community, sophomores ...
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News published on August 25, 2011
In response to the growing interest from the commercial dairy farming community and academicians on exploring an effective solution for addressing issues of fatty liver and ketosis in dairy animals, Kemin conducted a knowledge-sharing seminar in Ludhiana. The seminar, attended by more than 250 progressive dairy farmers and veterinary university professors, was held at the Guru Angad Dev Veterinary ...
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News published on August 25, 2011
Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt Ltd launched "Grow with Kemin" - a nutritional solutions package designed exclusively for layer farmers, during its participation at the India Poultry Expo held at Rajahmundry."Grow with Kemin" focusses on boosting profit margins through minimizing feed costs, maximizing feed efficiency and improving production. "Grow with Kemin" identifies the key challenges which ...
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