Compost Bedded Pack Barn Design. Features and Management Considerations

Published on: 07/31/2019
Author/s : Jeffrey Bewley 1, Joe Taraba 2, George Day 2, Randi Black 1 and Flavio Damasceno 2. / 1 Animal and Food Sciences; 2 Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering. University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture.

IntroductionThe compost bedded pack barn is a housing system for lactating dairy cows. It consists of a large, open resting area, usually bedded with sawdust or dry, fine wood shavings and manure composted into place and mechanically stirred on a regular basis. The most critical success factor for managing a compost bedded pack barn is providing a comfortable, dry resting surface for lactating cow...

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Umberto Francesa Umberto Francesa
Veterinary Doctor
July 31, 2019

I understand that sugar cane bagases is being used successfully in those countries where is available.
Rice and coffee hulls are also alternatives, although not very absorbent.

I have to point out the added value of the composted bedding. I realize it, every time that I go to Lows to buy compost for my garden. A 50 lb bag will cost me almost $10 manure.

Good work.

Marco A. Hidalgo Marco A. Hidalgo
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
July 31, 2019

Excellent idea.

August 1, 2019
Well done, excellent article
August 5, 2019

Beautiful innovative idea/approach mixing with old and new traditions.

Carlos Estrada Carlos Estrada
March 21, 2020

Will it be necessary to give a difference in level to the compost barn floor of 2 to 2.5% to recover those relieved?

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