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Participation in Forum on November 3, 2022
Dr Ravinder Singh Kuntal, my requirement would be some sort of underwritten description of your model. Tks
Participation in Forum on November 3, 2022
Hey guys, I would love to help but Im not going to download material without knowing the source. Why don't you give us something we can see, some regional rations, you know! The idea is great, it would help hundreds of small producers.
Participation in Forum on January 24, 2022
I don't think there is going to be much choice for dairy and livestock businesses in general to prove whether or not their cattle is a pollutant; the facts are, that agreements have been made already. Tecnologies which are taking commercial advantages of gas methane to produce electricity are in practice. More difficult is going to be the capture of the CH4 erupted in the atmosphere for ruminants ...
Participation in Forum on December 17, 2021
Any reliable data on how this product could diminish enteric methane during ruminal digestion?
Participation in Forum on December 8, 2021
What about cows on rotational grazing with lower averages than cows in free-stall systems. Is there any benefits reported in the literature?.
Participation in Forum on December 7, 2021
Interesting and at the same time debatable. When AFC are based on age and not weigh and high, the expectations of getting a good cow, become slim. I would suggest a similar analysis on herds in the Highs of Costa Rica, above 1800 msnm, AFC's in those regions are average to those of European countries.
Participation in Forum on February 13, 2020
Dear Israel, the following statement made by you, about cooling improving feed efficiency is not exactly what others have said and written about, I thought the general belief was that cooling helps the cows eating normally, under subnormal conditions of clima distress; therefore, by providing an environment for adecuate dry matter intakes.
Participation in Forum on January 13, 2020
Great presentation. I have a question about the effect of a leaky gut in heifers and the risk of gut inflammation. We know that heifer are fed in a restricted diet in order to control over eating and therefore excessive weigh at partum. Do you have any comment for this particular stage of growing?
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C16:0 increases the concentration of mixed (C16:0) and total milk FA and reduces the concentration of de novo and preformed FA. On a yield basis C16:0 increases the yield of mixed and total FA with no change in the yield of de novo FA. C4:0 and C6:0 were positively associated with C16:0 while C12:0 and C14:0 were negatively associated. This is from a paper by Lock and de Souza 2018. Tri-State Dair ...
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Going from the late dry period to early lactation requires an incredible adaptation of the cow’s metabolism. No period of her life is posing more physical and physiological challenges - with important consequences for her health. The energy requirement increases within days by factor 4. Energy intake via feed is not able to follow so the cow gets into a negative energy balance (NEBAL). That ...
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