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Dear Israel, the following statement made by you, about cooling improving feed efficiency is not exactly what others have said and written about, I thought the general belief was that cooling helps the cows eating normally, under subnormal conditions of clima distress; therefore, by providing an environment for adecuate dry matter intakes.
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Great presentation. I have a question about the effect of a leaky gut in heifers and the risk of gut inflammation. We know that heifer are fed in a restricted diet in order to control over eating and therefore excessive weigh at partum. Do you have any comment for this particular stage of growing?
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C16:0 increases the concentration of mixed (C16:0) and total milk FA and reduces the concentration of de novo and preformed FA. On a yield basis C16:0 increases the yield of mixed and total FA with no change in the yield of de novo FA. C4:0 and C6:0 were positively associated with C16:0 while C12:0 and C14:0 were negatively associated. This is from a paper by Lock and de Souza 2018. Tri-State Dair ...
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Going from the late dry period to early lactation requires an incredible adaptation of the cow’s metabolism. No period of her life is posing more physical and physiological challenges - with important consequences for her health. The energy requirement increases within days by factor 4. Energy intake via feed is not able to follow so the cow gets into a negative energy balance (NEBAL). That ...
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Beautiful innovative idea/approach mixing with old and new traditions.
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I understand that sugar cane bagases is being used successfully in those countries where is available.Rice and coffee hulls are also alternatives, although not very absorbent.I have to point out the added value of the composted bedding. I realize it, every time that I go to Lows to buy compost for my garden. A 50 lb bag will cost me almost $10 manure.Good work.
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  Introduction The compost bedded pack barn is a housing system for lactating dairy cows. It consists of a large, open resting area, usually bedded with sawdust or dry, fine wood shavings and manure composted into place and mechanically stirred on a regular basis. The most critical success factor for managing a compost bedded pack barn is providing a comfortable, dry resting surface for l ...
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The addition of yeasts to the diet of ruminant animals exerts favorable effects on the microbial population and on the fermentative indicators of the rumen and as consequence; it improves health and animals productivity (Bruno et al. 2009 and Al Ibrahim et al. 2012). The Animal Science Institute (ICA) from the Republic of Cuba has a collection of yeast isolated from the ruminal ecosystem, which d ...
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Vijay,Bypass fat 84% is likely a calcium soap of palm fatty acid distillate, and would also contain 8-9% calcium. The fatty acid profile is dominated by long chain fatty acids, particularly C18:0 (stearic acid). Used as energy source in dairy cow diets, to support body weight gain and higher milk yield. High inclusion levels or sudden introductions in feed can cause adverse effects on DMI, but pel ...
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email me a copy of the last rations for the month of July, for the high group, fresh cows and close ups.
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