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Choline for All Cows

Published on: 12/08/2021
Author/s : Balchem Animal Nutrition

Choline – It’s Essential Do your transition cows look like the cow on the left? Or do your transition cows look like the cow on the right? As with any population, you probably have a mix of all shapes and sizes in your herd. In the past, the popular belief was that only those cows that were overweight during transition would benefit from supplemental rumen-protected choline. New resear...

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Umberto Francesa Umberto Francesa
Veterinary Doctor
December 8, 2021
What about cows on rotational grazing with lower averages than cows in free-stall systems. Is there any benefits reported in the literature?.
Stefano Vandoni Stefano Vandoni
EMEA Technical Service Manager, ANH
Balchem Animal Nutrition Balchem Animal Nutrition
Marano Ticino, Piemonte, Italy
December 9, 2021

Umberto Francesa ReaShure and Rumen Protected Choline has been shown to be effective regardless BCS pre-calving as shown in the short summary above. A recent metanalyses related to the effect of rumen protected choline in transition dairy cows (Arshad at al., 2020), has clearly shown that choline is beneficial regardless the milk production as well. Cows with an average production of 20 Kg of milk as well as cows producing 40/45 kg of milk do benefit by the administration of cholin chloride, with an average response in milk equal to 2,1 Kg of milk. This is happening because choline and its metabolites phosphatydilcholine becomes in shortage during the transition period due to the "draining effect" exerted by the fetus during the last stages of development and by the mammary gland in early lactation stages due to colostrum and milk production. This is happening in any cow, regardless BCS, milk potential, nutrition and management.
Moreover, recent studies showed the beneficial effect of feeding RPC to transition cows on their off-spring (Zenobi et al., 2018), probably due to an epigenetic effect.

December 15, 2021
I couldn't agree more.
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