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ReaShure®-XC Precision Release Choline for cows


Combining advanced core technology and industry-leading encapsulation, ReaShure®-XC is the most researched, effective, cost-efficient and concentrated form of rumen-protected choline on the market today. Feeding ReaShure-XC is a proven way to meet the dietary choline requirements during the important transition period and help launch your cows for life.

Deliver Higher Peak Milk – Studies show that cows receiving ReaShure during transition produced 2,10 kg more milk per day, or 640,50 kg more milk over the full lactation.

Reduce Metabolic Disorders – ReaShure delivers a proven reduction in metabolic disorders including ketosis, displaced abomasum and sublinical milk fever.

Calf Health and Growth – New research shows the link between prenatal choline supplementation and calf performance.