Source and Level of Dietary Water Hyacinth on Nile Tilapia

Forum: Effect of Source and Level of Dietary Water Hyacinth on Nile Tilapia Oreochromis Niloticus- Histopathology

Published on: 09/09/2010
Author/s : A.M. Abdelhamid, F. I. Magouz, M. I. B. El-Mezeen, A. E. Abd El-Khalik, M. M. El-Sayed Khlaf Allah, and E. M. O. Ahmed
INTRODUCTIONEL-Sayed (2006) mentioned that Egypt produced 20% of the world tilapia capture and 12% of the world farmed tilapia. Bakeer (2009) cited that tilapia fish are among the ancient Egyptian fish of origin; yet, they became among the most outspreading fish species all over the world. They are cultured nowadays world wide , so their production exceeded than 2.5 million tons year 2006, and Egy...
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September 9, 2010

Thank you for an article well done about Water Hyacinth on Nile Tilapia. I found it very interesting. The internet format lends itself to the publication of the photomicrographs, which helps, because dragging through dry histology reports comparing the effects of the different diets, is a form of torture which I would not have been willing to participate in. Seeing is believing. The investigation of alternative feed stocks for aquaculture is an important part of this industries future, and good on you for doing the hard grind to progress it.
Question. - Does this mean that Aspergillus / aflatoxin is an inevitable contaminant of a water grown feedstock? - Or is the aflatoxin a consequence of post harvest storage? - or does the plant contain a toxin which mimics the effect of the aflatoxin?

Jeff Titmarsh

March 19, 2011

Interesting article about Water Hyacinth on Nile Tilapia. The histology is very good but it lacks labeling of important cell organelles affected by the diet interventions/manipulations so that beginners can follow the discussion in the text.

GJ Lumasag, Ph. D.
Professor of Aquaculture

June 23, 2011

yes it a good job about Water Hyacinth on Nile Tilapia. but it should have the study on the effect on the proximate composition of the muscle. is their any residue remain in the flesh due to fed on water hyacinth from polluted sources.

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