Bioremediation the Health Of Aquaculture Pond Ecosystems

Forum: Bioremediation. An Advanced Strategy To Restore The Health Of Aquaculture Pond Ecosystems

Published on: 06/17/2009
Author/s : Dr. A. Venkateswara Rao, Ph.D. - Neospark Drugs and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Aquaculture is concerned with 'the propagation and rearing of aquatic organisms under complete human control involving manipulation of atleast one stage of an aquatic organism's life before harvest, in order to increase its production'. Fish catches from the marine environment have been steadily declining in many parts of the world due to over-exploitation and pollution, making many people turning...
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June 17, 2009

Thank You very much Dr.Rao for an informative article about Bioremediation in Aquaculture.

Muhammad Nawaz Ali Muhammad Nawaz Ali
B.S Biotechnologist And Informaticst
September 12, 2009
An Excellent article encomasing each and every aspect of Probiotic, acuaculture . bioremidiation. Offcourse is a great contribution. Some things what i want to say.are that.
1.Pro biotic for Aquaculture must be screend in order to pond or area specific . So that they have an extra ability to boost the immunity of aqua animals., producing good nutritional value means for Bioremidiation benifical Microbes follow Olds are Gold and very compettitive and if possible they must be engineered.
2.Probiotic application concerns must be followed as they should not match genetically with the pathogenic Bacterias their might happen some Biotransformation of pathogenic species with benificial .Quote A single bad fish make the whole pond worse.
3.Water quality should be mantained and majorly dependable on Bioremidiation for ecosystem and sustainable for long term earning and management and must screend intervally after first implication to get higher results.
4. Synthatic or bioprocessaed Enzymez amount should be applied i ncontrolled levell as it might be mimic organizms own enzyme production by skin diffusion and for long term application might cause accumumolation and also cause hazordus intermidiate for consumers.
November 19, 2012

Bioremediation of genetically introduced components (bacteria/resulting Algae) of aquaculture products pose a potential threat. Care should be taken to research the cumulative Darwinian evolution of humans vs.bacteria discussed. A great article in general. Synergistic yields of effluent as a form of bio-remediation is also considered discussed in species selection.

February 5, 2013

Probiotics no doubt has multi beneficial component in aquaculture. It not only helps in removing the sludge but also increases the overall productivity and performance. The main concern is the selection of strains and the environmental conditions of the ponds.
Please elaborate the threats that was caused by this microbials, if any ?

William Alberto Rojas Vargas William Alberto Rojas Vargas
Licenciado en Agronomía
February 13, 2013

Excellent information and scientific soundness about bioremediation in aquaculture. I use effective microorganisms (EM) in laying hens and meat. Have they experience with using EM in aquaculture?

Afghan Afghan
November 26, 2015
Dear Dr S. Chandrasekar,
First of all, I am sorry for leaving message here, because I couldn't find your contact email , so I kindly request you, to send me an email by:
I am Abdullah KHOSHAL , Master2 student of "Master Agrofood Chain- ENFA ( Ecole Nationale de Formation, Agronomique) -Toulouse-France".
As part of my studies, I am going to do 6 month internship from January-2016 onward. I am willing to do my final (5-6 Months) internship in "Food Safety under your supervision . could you please let me know, is it possible?

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