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Participation in Forum on November 9, 2010
Excellent work done by the authors. Though the information already available as qualitatively but this work revealed the quantitative details of the situation in India. And I would like to add that, according to Mycopathologia and IJPS, poultry feed samples in India were also contaminated with Fumonisin and Citrinin as well as 30% of Aflatoxin positive samples had CPA also. These are mainly immun ...
Participation in Forum on September 14, 2010
Good article, If the title would have been Practical Testing of Poultry Feed Additives Under Commercial Conditions rather than Practical Testing of Poultry Feeds Under Commercial Conditions
Participation in Forum on September 7, 2010
DearDr(s) Amit Raj Gupta and Puneet Agrawal, this is an excellent pool of information about various anticoccidials and dosing schdule. Based on the various findings and field reports, regular usage of any anticoccidial especially ionophores leads to stress and slowing down the growth rate. As a terminal disinfectant NEOSPARK, IDIA provides a better soulution ZOACID-CP which destroys unsporul ...
Participation in Forum on August 28, 2009
Dear Sir, What is the concentration of these dewormers, dosage in mg per kg BW, for which type of birds, is there any contrindication for specific family of birds. Kindly clarrifiy
Participation in Forum on June 17, 2009
It is very interesting and informative article about vibriosis in shrimp. Carries a lot of information for farmers as well as consultants. Keep providing such type of informative things.
Participation in Forum on June 17, 2009
Thank You very much Dr.Rao for an informative article about Bioremediation in Aquaculture.
Article published the January 16, 2009
With the ever increasing need for animal protein sources for human consumption, the poultry industry always coped up to meet the needs at an affordable manner. The conditions in developing countries for the production of either broiler or table egg may not be entirely free of unseen losses. The following article will review briefly about such losses by gut disorders and the approaches to avoid the ...
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Participation in Forum on January 9, 2008
May I know the Maximum permisible, tolerable level, lethal level of various mycotoxins in poultry feed??
Participation in Forum on December 23, 2007
Very interesting article about gastrointestinal microflora and its influence on the host. Can you give the details of probiotic supplementation per gram of feed?
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