Eating Fish: The best feeding therapy for humanity

Published on: 12/14/2015
Author/s : M. G Imam (Bauchi State University)

BACKGROUNDHealthy diets almost always contain fish, a protein food with fewer calories than other meat sources. It's also one of nature's most versatile foods. As well as different species of fish, you can steam, bake, fry or poach fish. But there have been conflicting health messages around the benefits of eating fish. Long regarded as low in fat and high in "good fats," the health benefits have ...

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Charity oche Charity oche
Veterinary Doctor
December 14, 2015
In a recent publication in the news media in Nigeria it is reported that Catfish has bad fatty oils not good for human consumption, Could you kindly shed some light knowing that the industry has grown and this information will surely sink an upcoming industry that is already employing people in Nigeria.
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