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Date: January 4, 2016
Discussion created on 01/04/2016
Ascites, also known as"'water belly," is a disease in which fluid accumulates in a bird's abdominal cavity. The fluid may contain yellow protein clots, giving it a yellowish tinge.
Ascites arise mainly in broiler and layer chicks due to following reasons:
1. Poor Ventilation : In winter, farms has to be closed to prevent birds from cold air. Due to which huge amount of ammonia gets collected inside the farm which reduce oxygen inside the farm thus cause ascites.
2. High Protein Feed.
Vishisht Dwivedi
January 5, 2016
It is also caused during ASPERGILLOSIS infection.
Vishisht Dwivedi Vishisht Dwivedi
January 5, 2016
Use of thibendazole in feed can be used to prevent Aspergillosis infection, however it's quiet rare to be happen. It also effect human.
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