Successful product registration in South Korea: Formi® and Aquaform®

Date of publication : 6/26/2017
Source : Addcon

ADDCON’s diformates have been successfully registered with the help of Mr. Seungyong Lee of Juho Company, Ltd.

Following the global expansion strategy, ADDCON keeps on growing in Asia. The growth promoters Formi® for swine and Aquaform® for the aquaculture industry have been successfully registered in one of Asia’s most ambitious markets, South Korea, which was among the first countries in Asia to ban the use of in-feed antibiotic growth promoters.

ADDCON and its local partner, Juho Company, Ltd., can now offer the patented diformate molecule, for use in swine and aquaculture, under the commercial names of Formi® and Aquaform®, respectively.

Diformate products from ADDCON have acidifying and antibacterial effects in the GI tract that promote enzyme activity and intestinal health. As a result, nutrient digestibility is enhanced and the animals are healthier, with stronger immune systems. Both products are effective alternatives to the use of antibiotics as growth promoters, which have been banned in the EU since January 2006.

“We believe in the success of the products in South Korea. Formi® and Aquaform® will help the industry in the post-antibiotic era. Global and local demand for sustainable farmed animals is a fact. We can help the industry now to fulfill this demand”, says Dr. Lückstädt, Technical Director FEED at ADDCON.

ADDCON’s sustainable solutions pay for themselves and increase profits on farms, which are responsible for feeding the world’s growing population!

For more information on the products and product availability please contact below Addcon Technical Application Manager Ryan Von de Leon or Mr. Kurt Wegleitner,  Managing Director at Addcon

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