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Leading Brazilian food producer chooses Evonik - AMINOSys® 100 unit in Brazil

Date of publication : 9/19/2018
Company : Evonik Animal Nutrition
Source : Author Marisa Martinez. Chefe de Marketing, Evonik Degussa Brasil Ltda.

One of Brazil’s top pork producers has chosen Evonik’s leading dosing system to secure an increase in its feed productivity and quality levels. The Alibem Alimentos feed mill and premix plant in Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul, has implemented Evonik’s high precision dosing system, AMINOSys®. 

"Customers need to improve the use of supplemental amino acids and Evonik offers innovative, accurate and reliable solutions that bring proven economic results” says Marco Lara, regional manager of handling solution and feed milling technology. All living organisms require amino acids to synthesize proteins and secure the growth of lean tissue. By using the AMINOSys®, Alibem will now be able to better manage handling and dosing of high precision dry amino acids, ensuring that their pork products are of the highest possible quality. The flexible AMINOSys® system is part of an installation project comprised of consulting, hardware and software solutions which automatically dose amino acids in feed. Other advantages of using the AMINOSys® system include helping food production companies easily arrange the logistics involved in transporting amino acids. It also enables these firms to coordinate dosing from big bags or silos directly to a mixer or an existing storage system.

3-in-one solution for Alibem

The Alibem Alimentos group specializes in the slaughter, processing, commercialization and distribution of quality pork and beef products and produces animal protein in the form of pork (ALIBEM brand) and beef (AGRA brand). It is the second largest swine processing company in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and the 5th largest in terms of slaughter numbers in the whole of Brazil. As part of the recent installation, three items of Evonik’s state-of-the-Art equipment have now been integrated into Alibem's production and premixing line.

"Our mission is to satisfy all the means involved, through sustainable growth, ensuring investments in the areas of environment, biosafety, genetics, production and marketing, providing social development," said Mr. Maximiliano Chang Lee, CEO of the Alibem group.

Lower costs, higher quality

As well as supplying the Brazilian market, Alibem also exports to several countries. Its demand for Evonik’s equipment arose due to its rapid growth in recent years, resulting in a significant increase in feed production.

“The AMINOSys® equipment will improve the production process, quality and volume of premix produced, increasing the company's confidence in dosing accuracy, reducing production costs and optimizing labor, since workers were moved from the premix area to other areas that needed support" said Fabricio Ruschel, executive director of the agriculture and livestock division.

Paulo Teixeira, Business Director Animal Nutrition in Brazil said the installation of the AMINOSys® dosing system will provide many benefits to Alibem's business due to the decrease in operational costs, with an impact on the reduction of labor, availability of storage area for other ingredients, and precision in the dosage of amino acids.

This installation in Brazil is officially Evonik’s 100th such project in the country. To celebrate this milestone Evonik recently held an inauguration ceremony involving 120 people, including executives from Evonik and Alibem and project partners. After a dinner party at the Santa Rosa Gaucho Traditions Center, the colorful event was brought to life with a wide range of traditional dance performances.

Leading support to the animal nutrition sector

The improvement of feed quality and productivity of production plants are constant challenges for companies involved in the animal production supply chain. Since the 1940s, Evonik has been helping to meet this challenge by producing supplemental amino acids for animal feed. It has also provided optimized solutions for the feed production market.

"We act according to the new challenges, providing pioneering systems and services of excellence, contributing to help, develop and improve the business of companies," said Rogerio Ott, business manager of Evonik and responsible for Alibem account.

First-class reputation in Brazil

In Brazil, Evonik is recognized by the feed production market as the leading company which supplies a quality powdered amino acid dosing solution. AMINOSys® began to be implemented in the late 1990s and has now established itself as one of the most accurate and efficient microdosing solutions for dry products.

In addition to AMINOSys®, Evonik has developed a range of tools to support feed mills such as AMINOBatch® and AMINOBatch® WPT, which help improve the blending process.

Proof of the robustness of the equipment and the AMINOSys® solution is that the systems initially installed in Brazil only required modernized in 2015. This means they managed to operate successfully for over 20 years.

This serves as testament not just to quality of Evonik’s products and systems, but also the presence, motivation and dedication of highly professional team of workers. These staff are wholly committee to training customers, providing speedy maintenance services, and implementing world-quality preventive maintenance programs.

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