Aflatoxin - Effects on human health

The global health burden of Aflatoxins. Christopher P. Wild (IARC)

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Miila Gena Miila Gena
February 9, 2018
Very interesting to hear from you about the need for epidemiological studies to measure exposures that may explain development of cancer.
I have been following the articles in Ergonomics as animal health studies very progressive and learning alot from the presentations and videos.
My PhD project was to study the clinical epidemiology of an acute haemolytic syndrome in human following a meal of staple food that was presumed to be due to mycotoxins. My findings were supportive of presence of preformed microbial toxin(s).
I would be happy to be assisted to identify this toxin(s). As a third world country, toxicological studies facilities are unavailable.
I am a human health doctor that needs help from the animal doctors
Miila Gena
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