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Miila Gena
Participation in Forum on September 19, 2018
Dear Manuel ContreraI, I am a regular follower of engormix but not a veterinarian but doctor for human health. Please advise me on the availability of rapid diagnostic kit that could be used as a field test to detect mycotoxins and or other biological contaminants in implicated food items that are associated with food poisoning by populations in remote communities in the third world countries. F ...
Participation in Forum on February 9, 2018
Very interesting to hear from you about the need for epidemiological studies to measure exposures that may explain development of cancer. I have been following the articles in Ergonomics as animal health studies very progressive and learning alot from the presentations and videos. My PhD project was to study the clinical epidemiology of an acute haemolytic syndrome in human following a meal of st ...
Participation in Forum on May 5, 2015
Professor Mallman, I would like to ask if you had reports or witnessed severe intravascular haemolysis as a feature of mycotoxin toxicity and if you had, which of the mycotoxins were responsible. Thanks Miila Gena
Participation in Forum on December 16, 2013
Thank you for the information in this study. It is very interesting to read animal health studies. I am doing my PhD on human health, in particular, my study is on a disease that is suspected to be a mycotoxicosis, hopefully my efforts will either prove or dispprove this. I am constantly led to mycotoxicosis studies in animal and like to thank the work of veterinarians whose collective contributio ...
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December 14, 2013
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