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The efficacy of Xylanase and DFM combination in disease challenged floor raised broilers

Published: August 6, 2021
The approach of supplementing poultry feed with a combination of xylanase and direct-fed-microbials (DFMs), along with other management practices, to improve gut health is gaining increased attention as feed-additive alternatives to replace growth promoting antibiotics (AGP). The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of various combinations of different endo-xylanases and multi-...
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Basheer Nusairat
Nasser H Odetallah
BioResource International, Inc
Yun-mei Amy Lin
BioResource International, Inc
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Omar Alqudah
10 de agosto de 2021
Thank you all My question is NC+A AND NC+D were showed best results, but enzyme xylnase 1 as you mentioned has improved and digest xylan faster ( by time) than enzyme xylnase 2, also DFM1 has improved compared to DFM2 Why do the two types have the same result? which type is better to use?
Yun-mei Amy Lin
BioResource International, Inc
11 de agosto de 2021
Hello Omar, Thank you for your question, your observation is correct, NC+A and NC+D shown similar results. NC+A is a combination product of Xylanase and DFM from one company, while NC+D are two different products from two different companies. Therefore, when it comes to choosing A versus D option, it boils down to cost, and the convenience of doing business with 1 versus 2, which really depends on the user’s preference.
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