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Innovation and investment in the Indian poultry sector

Published: July 10, 2023
Innovation and investment in the Indian poultry sector
What role do public-private partnerships play in driving innovation and investment in the Indian poultry sector? Mr. O.P. Singh, Managing Director of ABTL Enzymes, shares his point of view on this subject
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Mr. O. P. Singh
ABTL Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd
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Dr. Mandar Shirolkar
ABTL Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd
28 de julio de 2023
Mr. Singh has rightly said the role of innovation in the Indian poultry sector considering Public–private partnership also known as PPP. Worldwide, this joint venture is increasingly viewed as an effective strategy for leveraging resources for new development in nearly all sectors. In India PPP for the poultry sector will certainly provide an equal opportunity for both stakeholders to address complex health challenges of poultry birds, disease control and prevention, strengthen the capacities of poultry services, etc. The same strategies could be effectively employed for other Livestock services.
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Vemana
ABTL Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd
3 de agosto de 2023
MR O.P.SINGH EXCLUSIVELY PRESENTS ON PARTNERING FOR POULTRY: A PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP. 1. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in agriculture and livestock provide opportunities for conducting advanced research, developing new technologies, and deploying new products for the benefit of small-scale, resource-poor farmers and other marginalized social groups in developing countries. 2. It is fascinating to observe the lessons expert entrepreneurs learn in putting business and society together in interesting, innovative, value-creating ways. 3. The PPP evaluated aimed at developing the poultry sector in Ethiopia and improving poultry health service coverage, particularly in remote areas and It will continue to improve the lives of more farmers, decreasing poverty and malnutrition rates in the process. 4. Commercial poultry production is faced with many problems, such as inadequate capital investment and lack of knowledge of nutrients and energy requirements of the various classes of poultry. 5. Diseases/parasites, mortality, high cost of fixed inputs give poultry farmer's serious challenges and thus, hinder the poultry business . 6. According to the World Watch Institute, 74 percent of the world's poultry meat, and 68 percent of eggs are produced intensively. 7. Poultry farming needs correction towards best management practices.
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