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Dark Houses System. R. Gates (University of Illinois)

Published: May 30, 2013
Richard Gates, Professor at the University of Illinois talks about dark houses and he compares the american to the brazilian system.
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Richard Gates
University of Illinois
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Talaat Mostafa  El-Sheikh
12 de febrero de 2015

can you send me the full text of this study

best regard to you


Christopher Hettiarachchi
11 de febrero de 2015

Our observations with dark house broiler operation in Sri Lanka (one close house broiler operation with 6 cages, two of which are dark houses) are as follows; as the sunlight is blocked completely, temperature within the cage remains lower than that of a normal curtained house which results in lower electricity bill, In dark houses, we use CFL bulbs which consume less energy though the bulbs are switch on through out, Final weight gain is always about 50 to 75g more that the normal curtained close house. Birds are calm.

Talaat Mostafa  El-Sheikh
6 de junio de 2013
What do you mean a dark house system? What it is effect on light intensity and electric consumed? what it's effect on performance Is it for broiler or layer or both
Analia Göttig
19 de febrero de 2015

Dear T.M. El-Sheikh,

You can find the article  Broiler Dark House- American Experience by Dr. Gates on Engormix. Please click on the title.

Enjoy the reading!

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