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Effect of Gano-met® on egg production in laying hens during hot season

Published: July 28, 2021
The issue of antibiotics resistance on animals has raised concerns about meat safety and human health. The banning of antibiotics- growth promoter in animal feed was announced in the EU in 2006. Other countries are starting to follow the regulation to comply with the compulsory withdrawal periods to ensure ‘antibiotics free products. Supplementation in nutrients to enhance the immunity syst...
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Dr. SOGUNLE Olajide Mark
2 de marzo de 2023
It's a wonderful trial. However, I wish to know if another trial of this sort was conducted in a tropical environment when the ambient temperature is between 35 to 37 degrees Centigrade?
Janet Tsai
Life Rainbow
2 de marzo de 2023

Dear Dr. SOGUNLE Olajide Mark
We have a lot of similar trials from our farm customers, but the temperature is around 34~35 degrees Celsius on average.

Luc Goethals
Sanluc International nv
30 de abril de 2023
It's not very clear how to read the both farm trials. In the first trial, the product was used for 14 days in the drinking water and seemed to result in a increase egg production of 2,8% (in absolute terms). Is this increase related to those 14 days treatment, or over the whole cycle ? Same question for the second trial : application of only 8 days resulted in 3,6% more eggs. During these 8 days or during a longer time ? Furthermore it would be important for correct interpretation to have full detail of the trial, since on farm trials, many conditions and parameters are so different, that it's always very difficult to isolate the real effect of one single intervention.
Janet Tsai
Life Rainbow
8 de mayo de 2023

Luc Goethals
Dear Luc Goethals
The two experimental farms are 53-week and 58-week Hy-Line respectively. The egg production rate at this age should decrease with age
We understand that there are many variables in field experiments, but because we have many farm trials with similar results, so we believe that Gano-met® in hot weather, has higher efficiency on egg production.

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