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Thick haemorrhage & Erosion of the proventri

Published: July 15, 2015
By: Chakma Rupen
After post mor tem,there were clotted blood found in the atrium, blood vessels of the pericardium congested ,which is clearly mark able, thick ,hemorrhage & erosion found in the proventriculus ,gizzard,liver was fragile,blood vessels of the kidney engorged with clotted blood,kidney become pale.This is a laying flock,sometimes frees blood coming out through the vent, I have treated the flock ,but still not able to stop the mortality. Pls help me .what should do?
Chakma Rupen
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Dr. M.Mazhar Khan
2 de noviembre de 2015
Please check for the following. 1- Mycotoxins. 2- Chemical poisening.. 3- Fat toxicity..
salehi kahrizsangi
1 de octubre de 2016
is it newcastle disease?
salehi kahrizsangi
1 de octubre de 2016
use a b1 hitcner vaccine .
Chakma Rupen
7 de octubre de 2016

Thanks Dr. Mazheasear for your suggestion, maybe it was due to mycotoxicosis. Newcastle disease? No, there are other lesions to make a tentative diagnosis that it is ND.

salehi kahrizsangi
8 de octubre de 2016

Hello what are the other lesions for tentative diagnosis of ND?

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