The Power of Stabilized Enzymes in Poultry Feed

Published on: 04/23/2020
Author/s : Winston A. Samuels, Ph.D. Ceo at Maxx Performance.

Enzymes are one of the many types of protein in any biological system involved in anabolic and catabolic pathways of digestion and metabolism. They are essential in catalyzing the rate of a reaction, but are not themselves altered by the reaction, and tend to act on one or a limited number of compounds known as substrates.Digestive enzymes are produced in every living organism, from the highest de...

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Dr Valeriy Kryukov Dr Valeriy Kryukov
Doctor in Biological Sciences
April 23, 2020
Dear W. A. Samuels et al. ! There is an unclear division of concepts among researchers : microcapsules and microgranules. They have different purposes. When the shell breaks, the microcapsule immediately gives up the active substance. They microgranules of active substance is released gradually as the dissolution of the microgranules. It is very important not to forget about the size of microgranules (microcapsules) of the daily portion of feed should be 400 particles (microgranules), then they can be distributed over the feed as a result of mixing with CV =5%. What have you worked with and what size of microgranules (capsules)?
April 24, 2020
Dr Valeriy Kryukov

Thanks for contacting us. We have used our microencapsulation technology to stabilize and deliver enzymes with thermal stability-used in pelleting. Our technology is such that we can deliver high performance particles with varying sizes depending on the desired functionality and request of our collaborating partners. Again, in the space that we occupy, we take the raw enzyme or other bioactive ingredients, apply our technology, to deliver a specific functionality and send back to our collaborators for them to incorporate into various diets.

We have the capability to release ingredients up and down the GIT.
Khaled Fadlallah Khaled Fadlallah
Bsc in veterinary medicine
May 5, 2020
very good
Dr. Md. Muffazzal Hossain Dr. Md. Muffazzal Hossain
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
May 14, 2020
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