The Influence of Feed Grains in Broiler Diets: Wheat Versus Maize in The Context of Reduced-Crude Protein Diets

Published on: 01/26/2022
Author/s : S. GREENHALGH 1, S.Y. LIU 1, P.V. CHRYSTAL 1,2 and P.H. SELLE 1 / 1 Poultry Research Foundation, School of Life and Environmental Science, The University of Sydney, Camden NSW 2570, Australia; 2 Baiada Poultry, Pendle Hill, NSW, Australia.

I. INTRODUCTIONGlobally, maize and wheat are the major cereal grains used in broiler feed. Maize is predominant in Asia and the Americas, whereas wheat is in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Extensive research has been undertaken in refining dietary strategies to optimise broiler performance when offered reduced crude protein (CP) diets. In feed, these grains have been optimized by the inclusion...

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January 26, 2022
Great overview.

As mentioned wheat has higher CP content, and one can work with CP levels varying anywhere from 105 to over 190 g/kg which makes reducing CP in diets more difficult whereas corn has a much tighter window. This makes corn more attractive to use but reducing CP in diets can be done successfully in wheat, IF, CP is below 120 g/kg in the grain along with using the proper NSP Enzymes.
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