The Immunometabolic Responses of Heritage and Modern Broilers to Immune Challenge: Learning From the Past to Inform the Future

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Athangudi Venugopalan Athangudi Venugopalan
Animal Health Technologist
April 3, 2020
Now low pathogenic avian influenza is endemic. Low pathogenic avian influenza is exacerbated by bacterial and viral agents. so called lPAI can cause mortality even up yo 90 percent due to exacerbation. No prophylactic vaccination against avian influenza. Under poultry management sanitation covers water and environment, feed shows heavy bacterial contamination. No feed sanitation is done as a routine, European Union recommends formalin up to 2.5 l per tonne of feed for maintaining immunity and production. Feed sanitation is essential.
a.t. venugopalan.
Sai Prasad Sai Prasad
Poultry farmer
May 24, 2020

Athangudi Venugopalan

Sir, how i can prepare feed sanitizer and water sanitizer using acidified sodium chlorite?

June 21, 2020
Dear Dr. Venugopalan,
Could you tell me the source of the information that you have mentioned?
"European Union recommends formalin up to 2.5 l per tonne of feed for maintaining immunity and production". Thank you in advance.
July 17, 2020
Ha Formalin for immunity, how come such approval, will it not slow down and crash flora. Hence is used for preservation of dead against decay?

Where is the source of reference?
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