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The Effectiveness of Gano-met® on the broiler growth performance

Published on: 01/24/2021
Author/s : Life Rainbow Biotech

Poultry is a homothermal animal, and its body covers with feathers to increase its cold resistance. However, Taiwan is an island that lies in the tropic of cancer, and the general climate is marine tropical. During summer, this mechanism is adverse to heat dissipation and causes heat stress. Heat stress is a familiar stress effect that will affect animals’ growth performance, productivity, ...

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January 24, 2021
Could you please document how the survival rate has been calculated or drawn down from the observations and basic dataset ? Since it's over 100%. Thanks.
Erica Wong Erica Wong
Sales Representative
Life Rainbow Life Rainbow
YiLan, T´ai-wan, Taiwan
January 25, 2021
Dear Mr. Luc Goethals ,
About the survival rate calculated over 100% is because the chicks supplier has provides the farmer extra 2~3% of the amount required to offset the loss caused by the transportation.
January 25, 2021
Dear Mrs. Wong,
Thanks for the clarification, but in such scenario it's difficult or even impossible to draw conclusion about the differences in survival rate with or less than 1%. Since probably the exact initial number of chick per house were unknown. Anyway there was not really a difference.
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Fred Hoerr
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Gano-met® is formulated to alleviate with stress coming from fast-gro...