Procedure and Checklist for Water Vaccination of Meat Turkey Flocks

Published on: 07/27/2016
Author/s : David Frame, DVM, Diplomate ACPV (Utah State University Extension Poultry Specialist)

Vaccination for certain diseases is an important component of the health management program for commercial meat turkey production. Because of logistical challenges almost all routine vaccination of meat turkey flocks is administered through the drinking water. Examples of diseases for which vaccination is performed include Newcastle disease, bordetellosis (turkey coryza), fowl cholera, and hemorrh...

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Sophia Sophia
General Manager
July 27, 2016
Pre-mix vaccine in 1 gallon of cool nonchlorinated water with 1 tablespoon powdered milk added, can i add any type of powder milk?
July 27, 2016
Nonfat instant powdered milk is to be used.
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