Lighting Programs in Broiler Breeders and Dark Out

Published on: 10/17/2013
Author/s : Dr. Susan Watkins, Center of Excellence for Poultry Science University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Fayetteville, Arkansas

Providing an optimal light program during pullet rearing and breeder production starts with understanding how chickens are stimulated by light. Light intensity, light coloring and day length all play a major role in preventing or stimulating sexual maturation. Ideal day length for rearing pullets is 8 hours to prevent early sexual development and therefore assure that flocks begin l...

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Dr.waseem Abbas Kundi Dr.waseem Abbas Kundi
Veterinary Doctor
October 17, 2013
can u plz tell me that in which condition the liver and kidneys turned black.liver some what gives bluish tinch
Dr Kamran Dr Kamran
Agricultural Engineer
October 20, 2013
Some important points are given as for as management is concerned , very good article.
Juan Garay Juan Garay
Agro Engineer Zootechnist
October 20, 2013

Very interesting information, Dr. Watkins. Of course the three points you mentioned in your article are very important to control sexual maturity and assure a good production in the flocks.

I would like to make a question: Nowadays, what is the tendency in the world about day lengh in porduction period?


Dr.waseem Abbas Kundi Dr.waseem Abbas Kundi
Veterinary Doctor
October 21, 2013

Juan Garay,

I think that its depends on breed, like in Hubbard classic it is16 hours at peak production and in Cobb it is 15 hours at peak production onwards.

Rod Pengswon Rod Pengswon
Poultry farmer
September 4, 2015
This article was informative. In the middle east such as in Saudi Arabia, what is the recommended maximum daylength should be given to the broiler breeder e.g. Ross 308 to give optimum egg production? Thanks for answering my question.
Dr.m.s.swami Dr.m.s.swami
September 8, 2019
Need to know more about light stimulation and day length and intensity required in tropical countries like India and Nigeria.
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