Influence of Three Different Organic Acids on Broiler Performance

Published on: 01/16/2019
Author/s : E. Talebi, A. Zarei and M.E. Abolfathi / Department of Animal Science, Islamic Azad University, Darab Branch, Darab, Fars, Iran.

INTRODUCTION During the last 50 years, as a growth promoter in farm animal, the use of antibiotics has been questioned. It is clear that antibiotics benefit for growth, performance and health in animal and poultry. Most of antibacterial performance promoters have been prohibited, because feeding of antibiotics is risky which the last ones removed in January 2006 (Neu, 1992). The adjustments follo...

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Ganesh Kumar Dahal Ganesh Kumar Dahal
Managing Director MDH Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd.
January 16, 2019
I request you to also try combination of Formates, sorbates & benzoate organic salts for positive response as a good acidifier.
January 16, 2019
Dear Ganesh Kumar Dahal
Thank you very much for your suggestion. Sure
Sataluri Satagopa Raja Ayyangar Sataluri Satagopa Raja Ayyangar
B .Sc ( Mathematics , Physics and Chemistry ) ; P G Diploma in Environmental Studies ; P G Diploma in Industrial Pollution Management ; Industrial Chemistry ( B I E T )
January 16, 2019

I request to try the same with natural vegetable or herbal products, which contain the organic acids like for citric acid Lemon or Indian goose berry (Amla fruit), by which the results will be positive.

January 16, 2019

Dear Ebrahim

Looking to this trail is very difficult to draw a final conclusion about advantage of using organic acid in broiler production.
What I personally learned is the surprising low level of energy and protein in those feed formulations that anyway translate in higher feed conversation for those particular broilers.
In addition looks like your country is a soya/corn user (as main raw materials) for broiler production.

Best regards,

Hossam Munir Khereba Hossam Munir Khereba
Marketing Manager
January 18, 2019
Thank you Dr Ibrahim for your trial but we must put in our cosidration the good effect on healthy gut and therefor fcr; low cost medicine ;high performance; etc
January 18, 2019
Hossam Munir Khereba
Thanks, dear Hossam, that is completely right. We are going to publish extra information in the coming article.
January 20, 2019
Thanks sir
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