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That is not true. Matrix values express the amount of nutrients the manufacturer of an enzyme product believes the product can release. All enzymes are substrate specific, so the matrix value will be wrong if you add an enzyme in a diet with no substrate for that enzyme.
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Dear Viorel Marculescu,Several compounds as methol or eucaliptol, induce the cool perception, it is due to the capacity of activation of the so-called cold receptors, particularly those from TRP family. In the case of essential oils, the ion channel TRPM8 (this can be found mainly on skin and oral cavity) is activated in the same way as cold is doing: increasing or reducing the ion exchange.Best r ...
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"Essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus give cooling properties by acting on the so call receptors of cold" Can you please describe the physiological process?
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The growing global livestock production is moving away from antibiotic growth promoters and coccidiostats, means that the industry will therefore face new challenges impacting gut health. As a consequence, gut health management has become a key focus in the livestock production. The role of betaine and its physiological functions Over the last years, the use of betaine in animal feed diets has m ...
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Dear EbrahimLooking to this trail is very difficult to draw a final conclusion about advantage of using organic acid in broiler production. What I personally learned is the surprising low level of energy and protein in those feed formulations that anyway translate in higher feed conversation for those particular broilers. In addition looks like your country is a soya/corn user (as main raw materia ...
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