Infectious Laryngotracheitis

Published on: 01/24/2017
Author/s : R. M. Fulton, D.V.M., Ph.D., Nancy Barr, D.V.M., and Darrin M. Karcher, Ph.D. / Michigan State University

What is ILT? Infectious laryngotracheitis, also known as LT or ILT, has often caused disease outbreaks at fairs in Michigan. ILT is a viral disease of chickens that can also cause disease in peafowl and pheasants. It typically results in a drastic death loss in a flock. ILT is easily spread by birds that are experiencing the disease, those that have survived the disease, birds that have been vac...

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Mohamed Swelam Mohamed Swelam
diploma degree
January 24, 2017
Thanks for this good article;
I would like to ask about the vector vaccine of ILT ;
Is it good enough to give good and long life protection and how many days needed after vaccine to give fully protection.
You mentioned the negative effect of live vaccinated chicken when mixed with other non vaccinated; is it related to bkth TC and CEO vaccines of ILT.
January 24, 2017
It's and good and informative article.
Narayan Banik Narayan Banik
M sc in tropical vet science
January 24, 2017
Thanks to Authors for their nice contribution to the article my question is that if vector vaccine is not available could we used live ILT vaccine in flock ? Which is the actual age for the vaccination for commercial layer?
Atef Abou Zead Atef Abou Zead
professor of viral poultry diseases
January 24, 2017
Nice article
January 26, 2017

Do you know if Ceba has a representative in the Philippines? Where we can buy the two brands of pox-vectored vaccines for ILT?

Dr Vasu Dr Vasu
February 3, 2017
@Narayan Banik:
If your farm is free from ILT Do not go for the live vaccine unless it is a pox vectored vaccine.

Otherwise, do the live vaccination 2 weeks before the expected age of outbreak.
nosheen naheed nosheen naheed
September 17, 2019

Thanks, Dr. Fulton for this fruitful information. My question is: if ILT outbreak after vaccine or non vaccinated birds then how we can treat it? Any suggestion?

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