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How to control secondary colibacillosis after IB, Became more of an issue than the IB

How to control secondary colibacillosis after IB, Became more of an issue than the IB itself. I am Badly Suffering due to secondary infection this 4th broiler flock hit by IB. IB is cure but secondary colibacillosis make my bird crazier Specially Suffering due to e-coli .Fatty LIVER and kidney disorder, bird reduce the feed intake Please advise me how to treat boiler bird Regards Aftab Anwar.

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Athangudi Venugopalan Athangudi Venugopalan
Animal Health Technologist
July 8, 2018

On microbiological examination of feed ingredients more than is endemic in many countries 95% of feed ingredients are contaminated with e.Coli and coliforms. Exacerbation of low pathogenic avian influenza is the current problem. Low pathogenic avian influenza is low pathogenic only in SPF and not in commercial. Low pathogenic avian influenza[lpai] is exacerbated by co-infection of bacterial and viral infections. Common exacerbating infections are ib/nd/staphylococci. Antibiotic resistance is another burning issue of global significance since infections. Since 2014 there is wide prevalance of vancomycin resistant staphylococci among poultry. Vancomycin is the latest most powerful antibiotic of human significance. Use of approved food grade chemosterilant-chlorine di oxide or hydrogen per oxide is essential. Ib is vertically transmitted. Even grandparents of imported chicks are infected. For nephro pathogenic ib use of ib vaccine ma5 and 4/91 from day 1 to 72 weeks is essential. In case of ib, there should be a reduction in titre after ib vaccination. If there is increase in titre after ib vaccination, it indicates failure of ib vaccination. Main purpose of ib vaccination from o to 72 weeks is not for raising immunity. Vaccinated ib virus occupies predeliction after vaccination and prevnts the entry of field virus. As such drop in titre is essential. Ib elisa titre interpretation- live vaccine -5000 indicates wrong vaccination or field infection. Imported gp maternal antibody >10000/ after vaccination ib titre goes >25000 it is a total failure of ib vaccine. Ib reporting system is very poor. With out feed sanitatin.Enviornmental and water sanitation it is quite imposible to maintain a levated level of biosecurity among poultry - Venugopalan 9-7-18

Kausar Shaikh Kausar Shaikh
July 9, 2018
Good information , the reference to low pathogenic avian influenza present may be due to availability of vaccines from some Indian vaccine manufacturer under the head VVND with different cap colors to identify.This is inspire of govt ban on such vaccines.
Aoun Khan Aoun Khan
general manager production
July 17, 2018

aoa, IB is vertical transmitted?

Shakil Hamid Shakil Hamid
Meat Inspector
July 17, 2018
Aoun Khan ,
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