Enzymes and Phytase in broiler nutrition

Forum: Combining NSP-Enzymes and Phytase: the formulation challenge in broiler nutrition!

Published on: 12/16/2009
Summary In order to investigate the benefits of a multi-enzyme complex (RovabioTM Max) containing carbohydrolases and phytase activities on the performance and bone mineralization of broilers fed corn-soybean meal based diets, 2268 male Ross broiler chicks were allocated to 9 dietary treatments: a positive control diet formulated to be adequate in nutrients and four reduced nutrient diets (NC), wi...
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Munawar Ali Munawar Ali
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
December 16, 2009

Very nice article. The author did not mentioned the ME of PC diet. In Pakistan we have low energy low protein diets used for broiler nutrition. Generally 2750 ME and 18.5 [percent] protein in starter diet and 2800 ME and 18[percent] protein in grower diet respectively.

We have carried out many trials of NSP enzymes and Phytase enzymes seperately and in combinations. We take only 0.1[percent] avaialble phosphorus and 0.1[percent] Ca from phytase enzymes and 50 calories from NSP enzymes. The results were same in positive contrl and negative control diets. In our conditions we cannot go beyond 50 calories as already we have very low ME.

Dr. Munawar Ali

Hafiz Imran Shakoor Hafiz Imran Shakoor
Animal Nutritionist
April 24, 2010
Dr. munawar raised a valid point. The efficacy of NSP enzymes in typical Pakistani diets (low ME, low CP and high in Fiber particularly cellulose) is really debatable. Efficacy of NSP enzymes in corn soy diets is established. Soybean meal has lowest NSP, cellulose and lignin content as compared to other vegetable protein meal e.g Canola, sunflower and rape seed meal. The inclusion of soybean in Pakistani diet is on lower side. The contribution of fiber from rice polishing is also an other factor. As far as phytase enzymes are concern, they have substrates to work on so they perform equally well on typical Pakistani diets.
September 8, 2011
hi.thank you
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