Evaluation of a plant extracts based feed intake stimulant additive in the diet of female broiler chickens.

Published on: 02/11/2014
Author/s : Virginie Noirot, Champagnac M, Etienne P, Éclache D* (PHODÉ SCIENCES)

Introduction At hatching, the digestive system of chicks is anatomically immature, and feed intake is a critical stimulus for the development of digestive tract (Dibner,1997). It is recommended to stimulate chicken growth during the first week that lead to immune system and cellular capacity of pectoral muscle developments (Bigot et al, 2001). The objective of this trial was to evaluate the eff...

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Nadir Alloui Nadir Alloui
Veterinary Doctor
February 11, 2014

Hello Virginia

Can we know the compostion Optifeed? thank you

Dr. E. Balamurugan Dr. E. Balamurugan
Bachelor of veterinary Scineces
February 11, 2014
How the plant extracts work in this case? do they act as a feed attractant or improve the digestion and in turn the feed intake.

Please elaborate.
February 15, 2014
what is optifeed ? what is the composition ?
Andres Ortiz Garcia Vao Andres Ortiz Garcia Vao
Veterinary Doctor
October 31, 2014

what about later stages results? I mean from 7 days to slaughter?

July 3, 2018
How does Optifeed work to create homogeneity among the herd members? What are the mechanisms and what are the difference between the other food additives used and are there studies on his work in the warm conditions of the year
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