Effect of amino acid levels during broiler breeder pullet rearing on: 2. Egg weight and characteristics from 26 to 34 wk of age

Published on: 02/15/2020
Author/s : Yilmar Matta 1,2; Edgar Oviedo-Rondon 1, Andres Ortiz 1,2; Ivan Ospina 1, Hernan Cordova 1, Lina Penuela 1,2; Miguel Chico 1, Viviana San Martin 1, Justina Caldas 3. / 1 North Carolina State University; 2 Universidad del Tolima; 3 Cobb Vantress Inc.

Amino acid pullet nutrition affects growth and development and it is important to evaluate potential effects on egg traits. One experiment was conducted to determine the effects of four amino acid (AA) dietary levels fed to broiler breeder pullets during the rearing phase from 5 to 24wk of age on egg characteristics. A total of 1,360 Cobb-500 slow-feathering pullets were placed in 16 floor pens (8...

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February 15, 2020

Dr. Edgar, considering the proposed treatments, it did not seem clear to me, how the treatments were implemented from 16 weeks up to 5% of egg production. As the level of lysine in a breeding period can influence the subsequent period, it seems important to me to define the criteria used in the distribution of birds in the treatments in this second evaluation phase. Was it flat? That is, birds that received 0.40% lysine in the first evaluation period received the treatment corresponding to 0.51% in the second period, and so on, or not? The conclusions are not consistent with the title and objectives of the study.

September 11, 2020
Juarez Donzele Thanks for your comment.
This is one of the four abstracts presented on this topic a year ago.
The full papers have been submitted for publication.
I would recommend you read all the information prior to making conclusions based on a 2,300 character abstract.

I did not make this publication in Engormix. This is public material that Engormix found on the web based on
material discussed in person during scientific meetings.

The levels of all AA evaluated had the Cobb recommendations as standard (100%) and were either reduced 10
and 20% or increased 10% to estimate optimum Levels of All AA to use within the levels already tested commercially.

Digestible Lys was only a guide for a balanced protein based on Cobb guidelines.
These were levels of AA used worldwide and we tested under controlled conditions what are some of
the effects of changing them as many nutritionists attempt to do for different purposes.

We were not determining the AA requirements as you probably understood.
It is well known that previous levels of AA and other nutrients affect future responses to nutrient levels in the
subsequent phases. It is well known that nutrient requirements should be tested only phase by phase.
But, for practical application, somebody has to test what is the final effect of combining those estimated
levels in a feeding program. That was our job.
fatai adeyemi yisau fatai adeyemi yisau
Poultry farmer
September 11, 2020
Recently I bought some feed for my birds.
I mean layers but the feed is just like powder.
What do you think have wrong with the feed?
What ingredients you think is missing in the feed?
Because what I experienced with the birdstv are as follows:
1. Egg was small
2 Egg was dropping both size and quantity
3. The was not brown instead is white in colour.
Please I need a solution sir.
September 12, 2020
Mr Edgar, I can only make a few considerations that I think are pertinent in the matter I have access to. I think, regardless of whether it is a complete material or summary, the information and conclusions must be consistent. Now, if the matter was published by ENGORMIX, without containing the information as published, I think that this fact was not quite the case, you, mistakenly, made your considerations to me. Think about it. Anyway, I would like to point out that what I wrote about your subject was a personal view, without pretending not to admit any other interpretation of what was presented. Therefore, Mr. Edgar, our considerations should always be about the technical aspect of the presented matter, maintaining the good level of the discussion, which is a norm in this FORUM DEBATE.
September 14, 2020
My 42 weeks old layers egg production drop by 20% suddenly, I have dewormed and treated with antibiotic it keeps dropping.
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