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Chlorine Dioxide as a Water Sanitiser

I have been using chlorine dioxide as a water sanitiser for years and have seen problems with leg health. Other producers have seen simular problems. Recently, I have heard that D3 is somehow locked up with the use of chlorine dioxide. What effects does it have on D3 uptake in broilers?
Any ideas solutions?

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November 13, 2013
Chlorine dioxide needs a low pH for activation whereas vitamin D3 is quite sensitive to low pH. So if you use this water sanitation and at the same time add vitamin D3 via water, the lower pH will destroy the added vitamin D3.
I'm not sure if the low pH of drinking water will also affect the vitamin D3 activity of the feed when taken up at the same time as drinking, but it may be an explanation for lower vitamin D3 supply.
Miroslav Besermenji Miroslav Besermenji
Veterinary Doctor
November 13, 2013
I also have problem and reactions with CLO2, earlier. We started with H2O2+Ag combination, results are incredible great.
Chlorine dioxide, in fact are small gas bubbles in water of CL. Chloride is one halogen and influence in plenty methabolic pathways, including exchange other halogens (Iodine for example).

Plattel Ed Plattel Ed
November 14, 2013
We introduced an electronic system that operates with electromagnetic frequences and removes biofilm completely within about 4-5 weeks and biofilm does not return in the water lines.
For deactivation of bacteria etc in the water we use short wave ultra violet.
The taste of the water is not affected and cleaning is reduced to a minimum.
Loganathan Ramasamy Loganathan Ramasamy
M.V.Sc (Poultry Science)
February 13, 2014

Does H2O2 have any negative effect as water sanitizer?

Carlos R Pena Carlos R Pena
Agro Technician
February 17, 2014

In Mexico we use chlorine dioxide (Dutrion) We did not see any pH changes for use this product. our field result is good, in a period of 6 months we improved the broiler performance. Dutrion presentation is in caps 0.8 or 20 grms and in powder.

March 18, 2015
is it advisable for using the chlorine dioxide in fish farm?
October 15, 2020

Do i need to lower my ph so my chlorine dioxide can work? My ph is around 9 to 10.

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