Biosecurity as a Tool to Eradicate Salmonella gallinarum

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June 2, 2020

Excellent comments Dr. Martha.
We really need to rethink biosecurity in the egg production chain, if not all, at least in some of the countries of Latin America.
I have tried do my best to take this concept forward. In all my contacts with producers and technicians I always dedicate 50% of the time explaining that biosecurity is an investment with excellent return, and not an expense.
As far as Salmonella Gallinarum is concerned, my aim is not different.
Multiple age farms, rearing flocks close to production flocks, make control of Fowl Typhoid and MG a real puzzle.
Another problem facing the producer is the lack of products suitable for the control of insects and mites in the birds and on the premises. They almost always use products that leave residues in birds and therefore in eggs.
To further complicate the picture, some producers prefer to work with antibiotics to control both Fowl Typhoid and MG, rather than working with biosecurity and vaccination programs, adjusted to each condition. In these cases, again, antibiotic residues in eggs are a problem, not to mention the development of multi-drug resistant microorganisms.
Once again congratulations on your comments.

June 26, 2020
Introduction of probiotics in animal feed can also help reduce or eliminate S. gallinarum
June 26, 2020
adeyemi oluwasegun
S. Gallinarum is not a bacteria that colonizes the digestive tract. Tools such as prebiotics, probiotics, organic acids, herbal medicines are of little use in their prevention.
June 27, 2020
adeyemi oluwasegun
Probiotics are essential for early colonization, development, maturation and recovery of the intestinal microbiota. It is this microbiota that will constitute a barrier against paratyphoid Salmonella that can colonize the digestive tract of birds.
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