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Nephropathic strain of IBV

Published: October 10, 2018
By: Sai Mahesh Reddy

In recent days, we have been getting so many cases pertaining to gout, which is mostly considered as a metabolic disorder. As a routine, we have given treatment for the same and failed as we thought it was just a gout. Later we have been investigated grossly and came to conclusion that it was probably due to IBV. Postmortem findings were 1. Pale and hypertrophied kidneys 2. Tophi of urate Crystals all over organs namely heart, liver, lungs, airsacs, over intestines and even at joints. 3. Swollen bursa at 21st day of age in broiler 4. Watery diarrhoea as a general sign 5. Sitting postures even after death (a classical sign in gout) 6. Tracheal congestion 7. Dehydrated body 8. Uric acid tophi in gallbladder All these cases were diagnosed in and around Guntur, Andhra Pradesh territories where 30 lakhs population of broilers and 30 lakhs of layers were habitated Flocks of 14 to 21 days of age were suffered a lot in our findings and mortalities were about 50 to 60 birds in a flock of 2500. We have been succeeded in treating cases by doing these 1. Isolation 2. Immune boosting 3. Antibiotics with BH combinations 4. Spraying of viricides 5. Last and important is IB plus Lasota in DW Hence it may be an emerging situation to protect the industry here by means of vaccination and maintaining the strict biosecurity. Dear doctors, I may kindly have your highness of attention for deep analysis of this issue and treatment regimen to be followed.

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Sai Mahesh Reddy
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Kalimuthu Subban
15 de octubre de 2018
Tadeu Salle
Universidad Federal Do Rio Grande do Sul UFRGS
15 de octubre de 2018
Interesting subject!
Yuvraj Panth
18 de octubre de 2018

Interesting one.
Can you let me know the "sitting posture" in gout? What the position is? E.g. any images.
And yes, do you suggest vaccinating the broiler birds with IB when gout is seen?

Sai Mahesh Reddy
18 de octubre de 2018

Yuvraj Panth Dear Yuvraj, thanks for interest in this article. Yes, there will be a unique sitting posture in this case in broilers which I have noticed during my practice.
Coming to vaccination recommendations, I suggest to go for IB to prevent losses due to mortality.

Yuvraj Panth
23 de octubre de 2018

Sai Mahesh Reddy Can you please describe the sitting position?

Sai Mahesh Reddy
2 de noviembre de 2018
Yuvraj Panth Could you please send me your mail I.d., so that i can attach a photo Thanks
Yuvraj Panth
8 de noviembre de 2018
Sai Mahesh Reddy my email is vetdoc.yuvraj@gmail.com Thank you in advance
Wayne Miller
23 de octubre de 2018

I have lost several birds to visceral gout. Generally by the time you observe signs it may be too late. I don’t readily have access to antibiotics but I believe that by maintaining a good diet may reduce losses. In particular I note that feeding birds with mealworms and crickets aids in prevention of gout to some degree.
I have treated with cortisone and allopurinol with limited success more often this delays what I see is inevitable once the disease is diagnosed.

Mustafa Ezat
Mustafa Ezat
31 de octubre de 2018

Dear: Dr

Multifactor infectious causes for gout in broiler such as Nephro Pathogenic IB strain, Astrovirus, avian nephritis so should be applied PCR analysis for detection of viral genome, which leads to losses of birds. To minimize bad effect of gout diuretics should be used. Do not use any antibiotics, they have load on kidney.


Mohamed Haroon Abdul Sattar
8 de noviembre de 2018

Dear Dr.
I have faced many cases with the same signs and postmortem legions, unfortunately, it's sometimes not practical to do PCR while the flock is losing birds and you have to do immediate action.
Yes, antibiotic is helpful but if you are sure that there is no other viral infection like ND.
Thank you for your topic.

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