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Participation in Forum on October 23, 2018
I have lost several birds to visceral gout. Generally by the time you observe signs it may be too late. I don’t readily have access to antibiotics but I believe that by maintaining a good diet may reduce losses. In particular I note that feeding birds with mealworms and crickets aids in prevention of gout to some degree.I have treated with cortisone and allopurinol with limited success more ...
Participation in Forum on January 23, 2018
I am currently managing a Barnevelder hen with what I believe is visceral gout. The symptoms are acute in onset and there is a noted uraemic "odour" where there has been a collection of excreta on the feathers. I am trying a probiotic and have also used low dose cortisone as an oral preparation for the last three days. The bird is showing some improvement in strength however has not really improve ...
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January 23, 2018
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