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Published on: 1/27/2021
Author/s : Life Rainbow Biotech

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A healthy gut is an important key to improve animals’ production, and a balanced intestinal microbial ecosystem is indispensable for animals and their gut.

The United States FAO and World Health Organization (WHO) define probiotics as "active microorganisms that are beneficial to the health of the host when the number is sufficient." It can be regarded as an application for activating intestinal function, beneficial animal production, and feed additives for animal guts' health. In 2006, the European Union issued a ban on antibiotics as growth promoters in animal feed; many countries followed up and started antibiotic-free culture. Nowadays, people started paying more attention to food safety; these promoted animal husbandries and breeding changes.

The application of probiotics as functional additives in animal production has been practiced for many years. Various manufacturers have been contending, and the development of functional requirements is very diverse. Different strains and even different production methods can provide different functions. Therefore, how to select suitable probiotics or combinations has become a crucial topic.

Muco-defen® contains two types of special selected Bacillus sp. (FMB-68 & FMN-151) and secondary metabolism - Surfactin produced by the chosen Bacillus sp. through patent solid-state fermentation.

The bacillus sp. in Muco-defen® is a spore-forming bacterium and also a gastrointestinal microbiota that can help the animal balance their bacterial flora by competing with pathogenic bacteria. Life Rainbow Biotech analyzed the thermostability and acid-alkaline test, founded that the bacillus spores are resistant to heat and acidic and alkali environments. Its survival rate under 80°C – 100°C for 15mins is 100%, and under pH3-11 is 98%, enabling the bacillus to maintain their viability during feed pelleting, storage, and handling.

Surfactin is a kind of biosurfactant and it is composed of amphiphile compounds which contains both hydrophobic and hydrophilic group within the molecule. The amphiphile feature of surfactin can change the bacterial cell wall's surface tension and kill the bacteria without harming other intestinal probiotics. The addition of herb extract such as garlic, cinnamon, oregano; provide various types of protection for the animal to maintain their gut health.

Muco-defen® was proven through field trials and showed its effectiveness by helping the sick, and weak piglets recover from diarrhea caused by feed conversion. Through observing stool tests, Muco-defen® reduced pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica, Brachiyspira hyodysenteriae. Whereas in poultry, Muco-defen® can inhibit the Clostridium perfringens and Coccidiosis to prevent necrotic enteritis from causing huge damage in the intestinal.

Muco-defen® is a great helper that can quickly reduce the pathogenic micro-organisms in the GIT and help establish a favorable microbial community. Healthy microbial populations in the GIT are often associated with enhancing animal performance, reflecting more efficient digestion and improved immunity.

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