Michael Warner
Michael Warner
Back Valley, South Australia, Australia

Research Program - Safe & Quality Food Production

Program manager: Dr Pat Blackall

Controlling poultry product associated food safety issues and enhancing egg quality for consumers

The Poultry CRC''''s Safe and Quality Food Production Program focuses on controlling food-borne illnesses related to poultry products (i.e., Campylobacter for chicken meat and Salmonella for eggs) and addresses inconsistency in egg quality.

Associated Projects

    - Phage-displayed peptides for controlling Campylobacter jejuni in poultry
    - In vivo evaluation in broilers of novel anti-Campylobacter compounds
    - Small molecule inhibitors as anti-Campylobacter jejuni agents
    - Vaccine to reduce Campylobacter colonisation in meat chickens
    - To improve the efficacy and safety of egg washing
    - Eggshell quality and risks of food borne pathogens